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Desiree Petrich is a keynote speaker and host of the Lead With Confidence podcast. Desiree is also the owner and CEO of Intentional Action LLC which provides training programs in the form of team building exercises, workshops and coaching programs helping people to learn to Lead With Confidence. Her specialty is helping high achievers become great leaders.
Desiree helps you to build a life you love by taking control of what you can control. She will share her story of love loss and leadership to inspire and encourage you to build a life you love.

My Story

John Wooden says that when a crisis comes it’s too late to prepare. 

This advice saved my life. 

On 2/22/22, my son was born during the middle of a Minnesota blizzard, and had to be kept alive for 15 hours by nurses and doctors who were willing to do anything they could to make up for the equipment they did not have. He then spent four weeks in the NICU before he finally got to meet his big sister.

Again, I could have let this break me. I could have let grief and anger dictate how I was going to proceed. But I will tell anyone who will listen that personal development saved my life. 

I was still exercising because I had created a habit long before I needed one to hold on to. I continued reading because I had created the habit, and had seen the benefits long before I needed them. Without realizing it, I had built a strong foundation of habits and a community of people who were there for me so when a crisis came, or in my case two, I didn’t have to start from scratch, and I didn’t have to pick up the pieces by myself. 

Some may question what any of this has to do with Leadership. What does any of this have to do with my love of helping others find confidence in leadership? 

My journey to personal development started when I went in for an interview to be an assistant at a healthcare facility, and left as the manager. My degree said I was qualified, but my head said I wasn’t. 

I was leading from fear. A fear of inadequacy, a fear of being unworthy of the title, and a fear of people finding out that I wasn’t supposed to be there. After a year of grasping at straws, and 6 months into managing through the start of COVID, I knew I had gotten as far as I could on my own. I began to read as many books as I could get my hands on. I went from the typical high achiever, who was always trying to prove my perfectionism to everyone, including myself, to a leader who truly cared about adding value to people more than anything else. 

I am passionate about leadership because both good and bad leadership have the ability to change your life, they’ve certainly changed mine.

Some would even argue that bad leadership caused my mom’s stroke.  But if I was able to teach anyone anything about leadership, it’s that you don’t  have to be at the front to lead, sometimes it’s most effective to lead from behind and lead by example.  Leadership is a 360 degree lesson that everyone needs. Personal leadership is the number one thing missing in people’s ability to lead with confidence. Not only in their ability to lead their teams, and their families. But confidence in their ability to lead themselves. 

More about me
I am a certified John Maxwell Team, coach, trainer and speaker
I have been lifting weights since I was 16
I read on average 60 books each year
I host a podcast titles Lead With Confidence
I am writing a book to share more about what it means to Lead With Confidence
I am married and have two wonderful kiddos!
My DISC profile is a high I/D – Which essentially means I am aggressively friendly


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